The International Biennial Association (IBA) is an initiative taken from the World Biennial Forum No.1 (WBF) “Shifting Gravity,” held in Gwangju and Seoul, South Korea, in October 2012.

The WBF was initiated by Marieke van Hal, director of the Biennial Foundation, together with Yongwoo Lee, then President of the Gwangju Biennale Foundation, and Elke aus dem Moore, Head of the Visual Art Department at ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen). The Forum gathered over 450 participants from across 150 international art biennials, triennials and art-related institutions. Over 60 biennial representatives attended the “Biennial Representatives Meeting” and as an outcome from the discussions, the International Biennial Association was established.

A Preparatory Committee comprised with delegates from 21 various biennales and triennales gathered in Sharjah during March of 2013. Representatives from differing regions, histories and backgrounds were chosen to voice the diversity of political and social perspectives.

Yongwoo Lee, President of the Gwangju Biennale Foundation was elected as interim President. Marieke van Hal director of the Biennial Foundation and Bige Örer director of the Istanbul Biennale were elected to serve as the two interim Vice-Presidents for the first term. Location of the IBA office was voted to be situated in the country of residence of the President, in Gwangju, South Korea.

Three separate meetings in Venice, Istanbul and Karlsruhe took place since the initial Preparatory meeting in Sharjah, covering key objectives for the future direction of the association. Four working committees (Research, Constitution, Structure and Membership, Programming, Content and Pedagogy and, Finance) were formulated and workshops undertaken to develop programs and strategies to achieve the mission of the association, and in preparations for the General Assembly in July.

Board Members

  • Yongwoo Lee
    Yongwoo Lee President

    Executive Director
    of Shanghai Himalayas Museum

  • Bige Örer
    Bige Örer Vice President

    Director of  Istanbul Biennial

  • Sally Tallant
    Sally Tallant Vice President

    Director of Liverpool Biennial

Board Members
  • Alia Swastika
    Alia Swastika

    Director of the 13th Jogja Biennale

  • Alisa Prudnikova
    Alisa Prudnikova

    Director, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Ural Branch

  • Alya Sebti
    Alya Sebti

    Artistic Director of Marrakech Biennale

  • Elke aus dem Moore
    Elke aus dem Moore

    Head of the Visual Arts Department  at ifa – the Institute for International Cultural Relations

  • Eriko Osaka
    Eriko Osaka

    Director of Yokohama Triennale

  • Gabriele Horn
    Gabriele Horn

    Director of the Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

  • Helena Kontova
    Helena Kontova

    Director of Prague Biennale

  • Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi
    Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi

    President of Sharjah Art Foundation

  • Margarita González Lorente
    Margarita González Lorente

    Vice Director of Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center and Havana Biennial

  • Mauro Petroni
    Mauro Petroni

    Board of Orientation Committee-in charge of the OFF commission of Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain de Dakar

  • Patrick Mudekereza
    Patrick Mudekereza

    Director of Picha Art Center

  • Sylvie Fortin
    Sylvie Fortin

    Executive and Artistic Director, Montreal Biennale

  • Tan Boon Hui
    Tan Boon Hui

    Vice President for Global Arts and Cultural Programs, and Director, Asia Society Museum, NY


Articles of Incorporation (“AOI”) of the International Biennial Association approved as of May 9, 2015 (Venice, Italy)

1. General Rules

1. General Rules

Article 1: Name The name of the organization is the “International Biennial Association” and hereinafter referred to as the “IBA.”   Article 2: Location The office of the IBA shall be located in the President’s country of residence.   Article 3: Objectives The objectives of the IBA shall be: To expand and share activities of […]
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2. Officers

2. Officers

Article 5: Officers The IBA shall have the following officers: President Vice Presidents The President of the IBA shall be recommended at a meeting of the board of directors (the “Board”) and elected by a majority vote of the members of the Board (the “Board Members”) present at the meeting. Vice Presidents shall consist of […]
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3. Board

3. Board

Article 8: Organization and Operation of the Board No more than seven members from any continent may be elected to the Board. A Board Member candidate shall be selected among the Individual Members by the recommendation of more than three Board Members with a majority vote of Board Members present at the relevant Board meeting. […]
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4. Membership

4. Membership

Article 10: Types of Membership There shall be the following types of membership in the IBA: Individual Member A professional engaged in a biennial or in a relevant field. Institutional Member An institution or organization that has held a biennial, international art exhibition or similar events (including triennials, quadrennials and other periodic exhibitions) more than […]
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5. General Meetings

5. General Meetings

Article 15: Organization and Management of General Meetings There shall be ordinary General Meetings (“OGM”) and extraordinary General Meetings (“EGM”). All members can attend General Meetings, the highest decision-making meeting within IBA. The OGM shall be convened once a year. The EGM shall be convened when the President deems it necessary, or when demanded by one […]
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6. IBA Office

6. IBA Office

Article 17: Management of the IBA Office The IBA shall maintain an office (the “IBA Office”) to fulfill its objectives and functions. The Secretary General oversees the operations of the IBA Office and is eligible to hire staff if necessary. The organization and management of the IBA Office is decided by a resolution of the […]
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7. Finance and Accounting

7. Finance and Accounting

Article 19: Assets IBA assets consist of contributed assets and assets decided by the Board. Article 20: Disposition of Assets When disposing of assets (by sale, donation, lease or exchange) a decision must be made by the Board. Article 21: Finance The expenses of the IBA are covered by revenue from the following sources: Annual […]
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8. Supplementary Provisions

8. Supplementary Provisions

Article 23: Dissolution of the IBA The approval of two thirds or more of the total number of members with voting rights at the General Meeting is required for dissolution of the IBA. Dissolution of the IBA must be reported to the relevant competent authority.   Article 24: Disposition of Remaining Assets In the event […]
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9. Addendum

9. Addendum

These AOI will be implemented from the day of their approval at the General Meeting. Provided that the General Meeting and the Board are not established at the time of IBA’s establishment, these the AOI will be implemented by a resolution of the Preparatory Committee. The IBA Office is located at 111 Biennale-ro 3rd Flr, […]
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